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Fencing & Lighting in Franklin

Enhance Your Home's Look And Safety with Fencing & Outdoor Lighting


Fencing around your outdoor entertainment space or pool area offers privacy and protection. Best of all, we can offer low-maintenance to no-maintenance options that will enhance the overall appeal of the area. Our fencing options offer long-lasting beauty that you can enjoy for years to come. From security to safety, our fencing options will serve a purpose greater than just looking good.


Create a peaceful outdoor ambiance with landscape and hardscape lighting. There are numerous benefits to think about when adding landscape, hardscape or pool deck lighting to brighten up your outdoor areas, apart from extending your time outdoors after sunset.

Aesthetics & Accents

Utilizing lighting is an excellent method to accentuate your outdoor spaces. Strategically placed lights to illuminate pathways and retaining walls, highlight trees and other elements, and enhance the allure of your pool area.


Landscape lighting enhances the safety of your outdoor spaces by illuminating potential hazards such as stairs, pillars, hardscapes, ponds, and pool, saving you and your guests from a fall or an unintended swim.

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